Structural Steel Works

Using the most reliable materials available in order to provide the best foundation for your future project.

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Structural Steel Works at McCombie Group.

Strength, safety and sturdiness are three vital features of any construction project. Steel is one of the strongest and most durable materials you can use in construction, hence why it makes for a great foundation for any build.

Here at McCombie, we have plenty of experience working with steel and have the utmost confidence in its abilities. We apply our skills and expertise to erecting steelworks; constructing foundations in which are individual to your build. Through our experience, we understand and use its strength and ability to our client’s advantage, constructing flawless steelworks to help springboard your next project.

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Working with Steel

Although strong, steel can be manipulated into many shapes

And thanks to our skills and experience in this area, we are able to adhere steelworks to any project or foundation. We specialise in constructing various examples of steelwork including;

  • Portal Frames
  • Rafters
  • Roof Connectors
  • Structures
  • But, we can adapt to whatever your vision is!


Our Process

Everyone is different, and that is why each process may vary. However, just to show you the amount of undivided attention we give to each project, here is how our process may look.


Share your Ideas

You will have a consultation with a member of our team to discuss your initial ideas.


Project Brief & Design

We will work closely with you to get a full understanding of what you would like to achieve. With your guidance, we will produce a detailed plan and technical design.


Quotes & Budgets

We then measure spending and costs in accordance with what we can do for you to make your vision a reality.



Once we are fully acquainted with your project, we will apply our team, their expert skills and the utmost care and attention to bring your vision to life.



We will make sure that everything is to your standards and reflects your initial ideas. If relevant, we will also go through any aftercare you may need to know to maintain McCombie's build.


The Results

You are left with a beautiful finished project that not only reflects your initial vision, but has been made to last thanks to our expert skills.


Quality, Always

Our Steel Work services are vital to any construction project, and our team will be there to assist with every aspect of the process including design and erection. Our main aim is to not hinder your process but to be an essential tool which does nothing but better the project and contribute to flawless results.

Excellent local builders, very friendly and reliable. I recommend McCombie to my clients as I run an Architectural Design company and clients are always looking for quality builders. Arron and his team will look after you. Highly recommended.

James Morris Construction

We asked McCombie Construction to build a long garden wall/fence and could not be more pleased with the result. The whole team was reliable, professional and extremely hardworking. There was great attention to detail and a genuine pride in the work done. We subsequently had a shed door replaced - work quickly and efficiently carried out. Highly recommended.

Martin Aarons Landscape

We bought our house at the beginning of the year and hired McCombie Construction to do a complete renovation as it was very dated and we wanted to extend the kitchen into the out-house and have a new bathroom fitted. They did an excellent job in all areas. They were very reliable and managed the whole project from start to finish, making it very easy and stress-free for us. Best of all the had it finished in time for the birth of my first child. I would highly recommend this company to anybody wanting excellent value for money and friendly, trustworthy people working in your house.

Jade Webb Renovation

We have had numerous jobs completed by this company. First, a Mediterranean patio followed by a window fitted. They also plastered my living room all finished to a high standard. They arrived on time; when scheduled. I would highly recommend and use them again in the future.

Jon Jones Landscape & Internal Renovation

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