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Our Predicted Landscaping Trends for 2020

With very little left of the year, we’re starting to think about what 2020 will have in store!

And with a new year comes new trends that we see time and time again amongst all the projects we do here at McCombie. For this blog post, we’re going to be delving into what we think 2020 holds for trends and styles for Landscaping. Just like the fashion world, what those find stylish and smart changes like the weather, but we always enjoy using our creative and constructive skills to keep up with the fluidity of trends.

Using the landscaping experience that we have collected over the years, we have collated a list of things we think we’ll be seeing crop up time and time again in the next year.

So, if you’re in need of some inspiration for your next landscaping project, here are some of our 2020 landscaping trends predictions.

Cobblestone Driveways

For some, concrete drives don’t evoke much pizzazz, gravel drives require too much maintenance and tarmac can be a little bit outdated. Individually laid cobblestone driveways give the front of your property a certain timeless look that brings an essence of rustic charm. Easily maintained, stylish and available in a range of colours and styles, cobblestone driveways have the ability to add character to any property. Certainly, one we think we’re going to be seeing a lot in the months to come.

Vertical Gardening

Stinking with features in which evoke a certain rustic charm, here at McCombie, we think vertical gardening is another one we’ll be seeing in a lot of landscape designs. And what do we mean by vertical gardening?

It’s the implementation of foliages like vines, trees and bushes, on the side buildings, walls and anything that’s towering over the usual garden. This kind of landscaping requires strategic gardening, and sometimes a lot of patience as you wait for eventual growth and for it to take full effect. But with the right planning and design. you can be left with gorgeous greenery, bringing a bit of character and life to your property.

Recycled Materials

In 2019, the most popular discourse has surrounded the effects that humans are having on the environment through our use of ‘single-use’ materials that find their way onto the landfills or in the ocean.

With this said, we believe we’ll be seeing a lot of projects which surround the usage of recyclable materials. Thanks to recent innovations, we can now use a variety of recycled materials within our landscaping work which not only look good but help create a green, environmentally friendly project. Some recyclable materials that we may be seeing more of include; decorative recycled glass, composite decking, flooring and paving, and other bits and pieces that with a bit of design and imagination can turn into something beautiful for your landscape.

Living Roofs

Living roofs or green roofs as some people call them have been growing in popularity in the latter half of the year, especially for commercial properties. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look at home on your residential property.

Green roofs consist of a layer of either grass or some other form of vegetation which lives happily on top of your property. Not only does it have a number of environmental benefits, including energy-saving qualities, it adds a unique quality to your property. It’s keeping with the previously discussed trends within environmental landscaping, and McCombie is expecting to see it in their future designs.

Are you thinking about your landscaping project? Make sure to do it with a company that knows how to make your vision a reality- choose McCombie Group. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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